Our Mission

A while back, we noticed a curious thing.

We were hearing a lot of chat about ‘distributed leadership’ and the need to give people a greater voice in business decisions, but precious little action to back it up. From what we could see, most businesses were still using a command-and-control approach - missing a huge opportunity to leverage the expertise inside their business.

It got us thinking. We did some digging, and it turned out leaders weren’t just paying lip service to the idea of involving their teams - they just didn’t have the tools to do it.

CEO’s told us they wanted a way to measure what really matters according to solid, up-to-the-minute research. It would need to help them quickly identify new opportunities and threats. Finally, it had to come with full support, so that managers at all levels of the business would use it confidently, as often as needed - building a culture of continuous improvement. And so AskYourTeam was born.

We’ve developed a system that allows you to uncover the knowledge held at all levels of your business. It builds strong, accountable leaders and positive, productive teams. Most importantly, it drives measurable success.

Don't guess - ask.
Who is behind AYT?

Our Team

Chris O’Reilly


When not working on business strategies its paua strategies at a secret beach with my boys

Paul Ardin

National Manager

Paul’s passion (after helping organisations transition from Good to Great) is anything with adrenalin….ski’s optional!

Sarah Montford

Customer Success Specialist

Passionate about helping those in need | Coffee Addict | Ambitious | Grammar Queen

Craig Whitcombe

Product Manager

Busy building software that makes people awesome. Often eating while doing so.

James Tamarapa

Business Analyst

Jack of all trades, master of none | Fried chicken fan

Michelle Marotta

Company Accountant

An outgoing and social person who enjoys good wine, food and music…not necessarily in that order!

Henna Tirkkonen

Digital Communications Manager

Self-confessed food and wine lover who’s madly in love with the gorgeous sunny Hawke’s Bay summer days.

Mike Russell

Wellington Manager

What do I love.  My family and friends.  People and places.  To eat and to drink.  And living in the best little Capital in the World!

Alex Brodianoi

Full-Stack Developer

Happiness for me? Gaming. Web development. 

Jude Manuel

Senior Partnership Manager

I have a favourite breed of dog – you’ll never guess what it is!

Angel Rajan

QA Analyst

Reading is my favourite hobby.  I love to cook and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hely Lopes

Product Designer Lead

Design, cycling, wine, travelling, photography, wine, tattoos, avo and good cheese. Did I say wine?

Briar Moir

Customer Success Specialist

I’m curious, conscientious and driven to make a difference…. After that it’s garden, golf, family and friends.

Dave Robertson

Lead Software Architect

There are threes C's in Succcess, Code, Coffee and Craft Beer.

Marelize duPlessis

Sales Support

Follow what sets your soul on fire, like culture, cuisine, countries and authentic connections. Oh – and Bubbles!

Louise Hill

Customer Success Administrator

My buzz is balance…and seeing the world through a child’s eyes with my gorgeous girl.

Kelly Millea

Customer Success Specialist

Loves travelling, socialising and keeping fit  – especially when it means meeting new people and having fun!

Mitchell Warr

Ui Developer

At my best when I'm tweaking art, painting designs, or polishing drawings.

Carole Campbell

Finance Administrator

Happiness for me is about being with family, friends and travelling to new places!

Susana Leitão

Senior Partnership Manager

Always happiest on a beach, ideally with a margarita in hand…

Rachel Kreegher

Product Owner

I love the incredible beauty that surrounds us,  good friends, good food, good health and a good night’s sleep