Frequently Asked Questions

How is AskYourTeam different from an engagement survey?

AskYourTeam goes way beyond engagement surveys to measure every factor that research has shown has a significant impact on business performance. This includes some measurements traditionally covered by engagement surveys (such as leadership and culture), but also everything from strategy and project planning, through to communications and business processes. It also differs in that it offers actionable solutions to business challenges in realtime. Read more about why smart businesses are shifting from a focus on engagement to a focus on driving performance here

How do we know we're asking the right questions?

We analysed the world’s top leadership models to understand what the most successful businesses have in common. From this process we identified 13 factors that have the greatest impact on business success, and then designed a system to measure how your business is doing in each of these make-or-break areas. This methodology has been independently verified by New Zealand's leading business school, the Institute for Business Research at the University of Waikato. Read more about the importance of measuring what matters here

What does the survey consist of?

There are 64 assertions (or statements) about how your business operates. These assertions are designed to assess how your business is performing in the 13 key areas identified by our independently-verified methodology. Respondents either agree or disagree using a simple rating scale. In addition, you can include customised 'free text' questions to elicit specific feedback, solutions and insights. For more about how the system works, and for downloadable eBooks outlining our customised industry systems, visit our product page

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey is extremely user-friendly. The full baseline survey takes on average only 20 minutes to complete. 

How and where do participants complete the survey?

Participants are sent a link to the survey and they can complete it in their own time wherever they feel comfortable - on their desktop, mobile phone or tablet. 

What support will I receive from AskYourTeam?

AskYourTeam is a complete system that comes with full support from our expert team. This begins with customising the survey to meet your business' needs and working with you on pre-survey communications to lay the ground for a seamless adoption of the system across the business; and continues into help extracting insights from your results, facilitating sessions on formulating action plans, and guiding you through retesting. 

Can I do it myself?

Absolutely! Although we provide full wrap-around support as you're adopting the new system, AskYourTeam is extremely user-friendly, transparent and customisable. It's designed for you to use however you need, as often as you like, at no extra cost. 

How confidential are the responses?

Confidentiality is crucial to the effectiveness of the AskYourTeam system. No report will be generated if the response size isn't large enough to ensure confidentiality. Because people know their responses are confidential, they're honest - which means you can trust that the feedback you're receiving is genuine. 

How soon can results be viewed?

Results can be viewed almost instantaneously (as soon as enough people have responded to ensure individuals can't be identified by their demographics). For most businesses, this will be a matter of hours, if not minutes. 

Who owns the data?

You do. You don't have to wait for a third party to analyse the data or provide expensive reports - the data is yours to do whatever you want with, whenever you want.