AskYourTeam provides the catalyst for breakthroughs in business performance.

We analysed the world’s top leadership models to understand what the most successful businesses have in common. Then we built an independently-verified system to help you get to the heart of how your business is doing in each of these make-or-break areas.

But it doesn’t stop there. AskYourTeam is a complete system that also reveals smart solutions to your business challenges, enables you to develop action plans, and measures your progress in real time. How? By tapping into the expertise inside your business. AskYourTeam involves everyone in your team in a cycle of continuous improvement, shining a light on threats and opportunities and bringing golden insights and solutions to the surface whenever you need them.

We’re with you every step of the way. First, we’ll work with you to lay the ground for a positive and seamless adoption of the AskYourTeam system across the business. Next, we’ll precisely customise the survey so that you’re measuring what matters to your business. Finally, we’ll help you bring golden insights to the surface and guide you through the retesting phase to measure your progress.

The result

Strong, accountable leaders. Positive, productive teams. A resilient, agile business.

Find out how

Measure what matters

We’ve done the hard yards to pinpoint the areas the world’s most successful businesses excel in. Our research-based survey is designed to help you get to the heart of how your business is doing in each of these areas. Our expert team will work with you to customise the survey to your business’ needs, so you can be sure you’re asking the right questions.

Mine the gold

Easy-to-use reports allow you to drill down using a range of criteria, such as department, team, years of experience and gender - allowing you to pinpoint exactly which areas need your attention. We’ll show you how to mine the results to bring insights, ideas and solutions to the surface.

Take action

You’ve found the gold; now it’s time for action. We’ll help you to translate your team’s insights and ideas into action plans that everyone has a stake in. Drive accountability and collaboration by making survey results and progress visible across teams. Then watch performance soar.

Retest and flex

We’ll guide you through retesting, measuring progress and helping to drive performance breakthroughs. Continue to flex, refine and retest by easily asking whatever you want, whenever you want, of whomever you want. Get answers back fast, so together you can get on with building a more resilient and competitive business.

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