For Leaders who are
serious about results
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AskYourTeam is a tool for leaders that pinpoints
exactly what’s holding you back from achieving
the performance levels you want.

CheckYou and your leaders will know exactly where in the business to direct your effort – no more guesswork or assumptions.

CheckYou will make the right improvements, and you’ll make them more efficiently.

CheckIssues will no longer take you by surprise, which means greater focus and faster progress.

CheckWith AskYourTeam, you will know exactly what levers to pull to make your business more productive, proactive and profitable.

CheckManage change initiatives and major projects brilliantly, with real time continuous feedback.



The AskYourTeam cycle of continuous improvement begins with all the members of your teams completing an anonymous survey about all areas of your business performance. The system produces reports that show your leaders where to act most urgently to help their people to perform better in their jobs.

Using the AskYourTeam reports as a guide, leaders and their teams work together to create and implement action plans for each specific team that will lift the organisation’s performance.

Then your teams retest, completing the entire survey or just relevant parts again.

Using the fresh results, the cycle of improvement continues. You measure the progress you’ve made and refine or develop new action plans to further lift performance.

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